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June 29, 2021by Kellen Nakaye0

New Windows 11 slated to be fully released in late 2021, is dubbed “the windows that brings you closer to the things you love”. According to the Microsoft team, this Operating system has been designed to empower you to produce and inspire you to create. Furthermore, it is presented as the platform for platform creators.

Let’s delve into the features of Windows 11 that make it worth having;

Windows 11 has a new look and feel that’s designed to be more attractive but also more user-friendly. There’s a new Start button that’s placed at the center, and pressing it can show you your recent files, docs and apps.

It also includes lots of productivity upgrades, including Snap Layouts for running multiple apps at once.

  • Windows 11 Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and docking

Windows 11 now features Snap Layouts. You can snap between multiple windows/apps on the screen. This enables you to run multiple apps at the same time. For example, you could have two apps side by side or three in columns or four in a grid, and there’s six choices in total.

If you sometimes feel a little lost after having to respond to a notification, Windows 11 includes a new Snap Groups feature in the taskbar. So you can get right back to what you were doing before you had to answer that message.

The new docking experience allows you to get back to where you were once you switch back on. If you unplug a monitor to move rooms, the windows that were on your monitor will minimize. When you go come back and then re-connect to a dock, all of your Windows will re-appear the way they were before.

  • Windows 11 widgets

Windows 11 offers a whole new selection of Widgets, which is powered by AI. These widgets can help you check your calendar at a glance, the weather, news, your to-do list, photos and more. The Widget panel can be accessed either via the dedicated Widget button that is pinned on the Taskbar, via a swipe in from the left of the display, or via the keyboard shortcut Win+W.

  • Windows 11: Better touch, pen and voice support

Windows 11 contains a number of tweaks to input. For example when it comes to touch, there’s more space between icons in the touch bar, making it easier to tap the right thing.

The onscreen keyboard is both redesigned and customizable. If you happen to use a pen or stylus to interact with your Windows 11 machine, you can expect improve haptics that sound and feel like you’re using an actual pen.

Windows 11 also features enhanced voice recognition for text input with Microsoft promising more accurate voice-to-text transcription and automatic punctuation. Voice commands are supported as well, such as “delete that” when you’re in a document.

  • Windows 11 desktops

Windows 11 now lets you personalize different desktops with their own wallpapers. So you can have a desktop for work, home, school or gaming, each with their own apps and look and feel.

  • Windows 11: New Windows Store and Android Apps

With Windows 11, Microsoft is redesigning the Microsoft Store, making it faster and easier to find the apps you’re looking for. Also Android apps will be directly available in Microsoft’s store and you can download them through Amazon Appstore.

  • Windows 11 gaming: Auto HDR

Microsoft is introducing some new features specifically aimed at improving the gaming experience in its operating system.

Specifically, Auto HDR is coming to Windows 11, bringing improved contrast and color output without requiring app makers to reconfigure their games. During the Windows 11 launch event, Microsoft showed off a split screen of Skyrim — one half of the game appeared in SDR and the other in the new Auto HDR. The Auto HDR image was much brighter and featured greater detail.

Finally, Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s gaming subscription service, will still be built right into Windows 11 via the Xbox app.

  • Windows Updates and energy consumption

During the live event it was also mentioned that windows updates with this OS are 40% smaller and more efficient as they run in the background. The Operating system was also talked about as one that uses less energy and therefore you can enjoy more battery life.

Overall, the Windows 11 interface is meant to bring you a sense of calm with its simple, beautiful, clean and smart menu that allows you to easily find what you need.

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