UG Domain Name Guide

The UG Registry is the Registry for [.UG] Top Level Country Domain Names. We operate an Open Registry with no restriction who can Register Domain Names for as long they have a a lawful need legitimate need to use the Domain Name.

At the moment there is no requirement for the intending Registrant to furnish the Registry with proof of legal existence.

Registration of Domain Names in the UG Registry is by delegation, where a domain name within a sub domain category of the UG Domain TLD is fully delegated to the Registrant’s Name Servers.

The following categories are the allowed:

  • – This is recommended for businesses or commercial (For Profit) Entities
  • – These 2 categories are recommended for Non-Government (Not for Profit bodies
  • – This Category is for Higher Institutes of Learning such as Universities, or those that award Degrees, Diploma or Certificates in different professions
  • – This Category is set aside for Educational Institutions for Secondary School level and below
  • – This Category is recommended for Governments Agencies such as Ministries, or Automatous Agencies or Authorities
  •, – These 2 categories are suitable for operators of Network Infrastructure services such as Internet Exchange Points, wholesale resellers of Internet bandwidth, and such similar services

A Registrant can also choose to a non-restricted name directly at the 2nd Level of the UG hierarchy i.e. “”

All suffices for Domain Names must alphanumerical characters or numerals not exceeding a total of 26 characters and numerals, or a combination of both.

Domain Name Registrant must provide correct and reachable E-mail contacts, and also, the phone contacts given to the UG Domain Registry should be functional a nd answered during normal business hours. In many instances, queries received after business hours will be answered the next working day. This is required to resolve problems either by UG Domain Registry Staff or by the customer directly. If we receive many complaints or experience any problems ourselves in getting in touch with the delegated manager the delegation may be delayed or revoked altogether.

All Domain Name are treated on an equal basis and such each will be will be dealt with in a timely way with professional competence.

You must set your host computers to accept zone transfers from the UG Domain Registry. It is the responsibility of Domain Name owner to notify the UG Domain Registry about any changes in the Name Server information that should be reflected in the UG Domain zone files, or for that matter of any changes in the Administrative and Technical contact information. Where no correct information is submitted the default information used shall be those owned by us (the Registry)

Domain Name Registrants must follow the guidelines as set forth in the current UG Domain agreements and policies published here on this Website.

Domain Name Registrants must follow the guidelines as set forth in the current UG Domain agreements and policies published here on this Website.

For Registration under the other Top-Level Domains Name categories such as [com], [org], or the other Top Level Country Code Domain Names such as, or, for to, or got to the ICANN web site located at for guidance.

To Register UG Domain Names, to: (This website) and search for availability of the Domain Name of your choice upon which you can fill out a Simple form and have your Domain Name registered in Three (3) Simple Steps.

You can register a single Domain Name, or you may choose to become Registrar with 2 or More Domain Names under one common account.

For single domain Name Registrants, do a search for availability of the Domain Name you want directly on the Home Page of the registry Website, and proceed to correctly fill out the fields in the Domain Name Registration form.