The importance of evaluating a cloud offering


What are your thoughts when it comes to the responsibilities that arise with database servers? Do you have responsibilities for: Database administration tasks; Database software maintenance fixes and upgrades; OS upgrades; scale the infrastructure; maintain systems that guarantee your availability. Such questions should be at the back of your head. Do you have an organization that owns pieces of your database server? Whichever way it is that you handle your challenges, try to focus on the real aim which is to come up with a business solution.

As these challenges arise, technology also evolves and the mix grows. One has to start to integrate the old and new solutions mixed together. Your premise investment in maintaining your software, skills, expertise and hardware continues to increase. Generally systems don’t quickly migrate when new technologies emerge. Steady state systems run and do not get retrofitted while new systems take advantage of new products.

How do you then take advantage of the change and adoption of these new emerging technologies? Do you realize that on premise is slower to adopt then what you see available from cloud providers? Do you notice rising costs where keeping up with technologies available in cloud solutions is concerned? How do you manage and budget for this needs to be weighed against moving to the cloud. With a cloud offering many of your infrastructure costs in supporting systems is shifted to the solution you choose. There could be significant savings as well as allowing your technical staff to work on business driven solutions versus maintaining infrastructure. As a database owner you need to understand the importance of a stable platform. What should you be looking for in a cloud offering which we as I3C always include for our clients? Of course at a minimum it should give you the desired performance, availability, access, and security. These are the additional advantages we offer our clients with our packages:

  • Geographical independence.
  • Capacity on demand.
  • Freedom of more choices.
  • Intangibles that generate more value.
  • Access to new functionalities
  • Ability to try solutions typically not available.

What is your real aim? Is it to provide and deliver business solutions and value to your customers. Do you want to invest in testing and creating SW/HW platforms, or allow your business to easily have access to technology and quicker transformations? As you look at cloud solutions you need to ensure that the service provider delivers a better and robust product for your business.

You need to have the flexibility of leveraging additional services once you have an application up and running on a cloud service provider. Look for: easily customizable solutions; API driven services; pre-built extraction/transform/load operators. These allow you to extend the application and provide additional value at a low incremental cost.

So when evaluating where to really spend your money and time on, it makes sense to spend your valuable time improving your product and not developing accessory infrastructure components. Look at what you stand to gain when a solution is built and how everyone can  take advantage of it. Look at the value you now have and how the service provider can improve on that. I3C has shaped itself around the concept of being a thought leader and providing solutions for its clients.


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