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Capitalise on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test, override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from DevOps, nanotechnology.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Missions abroad have and continue to implement Uganda¡’s Foreign Policy through: Promoting Regional and International Peace and Security; Commercial Diplomacy; Regional Integration; Implementing and Reporting Obligations on International Treaties and Conventions; Mobilizing Bilateral and Multilateral Resources for Development; Providing Protocol and Consular services to Ugandans and Foreign dignitaries as well as enhancing Uganda’s image abroad through Public Diplomacy.

I3c re-designed all foreign missions websites and the main website for Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) for online access of information, reports, latest events and news updates


Uganda Bankers-casestudy

Uganda Bankers Association (UBA) was formed due to develop, promote, protect and represent the professional interest of its members and promote orderly conditions in relation to banking transactions subject to provisions of any law extant at any time in Uganda.

I3c development a platform for an online information access to create Financial Literacy Awareness to all Ugandans. The tools developed include;

  1. Website
  2. USSD Service
  3. SMS Service
  4. Shortcode
  5. Newsletter


The association was re-established in 1993 and with its Secretariat in Kampala. Membership is drawn from both the private and public sector stakeholders including legally registered building and civil engineering companies operating in Uganda, individuals of special merit related to the construction industry and construction related manufacturers and suppliers.

The project involved setting up a LAN, setting up a PBX server and development of an online members database.


The CHOGM2007 Information Call Center was a major component for information dissemination during the CHOGM event and was utilized by foreign delegates and the general public as an information source on issues ranging from security accreditation and delegate facilitation to general inquiries about the British royal family and its relationship to the commonwealth Association.

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