September 26, 2019

CDNSMAN, a modern web DNS management interface for your domains

Today 13th, Sept 2016, we are excited to launch CDNSMAN, a modern web-based application that helps you manage DNS records of your domain.

In the past, you had to submit DNS records to us who would then make changes on your behalf. We found this a very inefficient way of doing DNS management. So starting today, instead of submitting to us DNS records such as A, MX or CNAME, you can simply login to our platform at and make the changes yourself. The system uses secure dynamic DNS protocol to make changes to our four globally distributed name servers cutting propagation time to only about 15 minutes.

The platform is still in beta, so if you experience some bugs, that’s absolutely normal. Please let us know so we can improve on our systems to serve you better.

About i3c

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