Optic Fibre and GSM Services

Optic Fibre Installations

Specialising in multi-premise sites, our team installs optic fibre cable from the street to the front door with all preparation work.

Our optic fibre installation services include identifying the multi-premise site and the building owner or manager, surveying and designing the cabling route, managing the approval and cabling of the premise and gaining final signoff.

Our team uses the latest technology, training and safety regulations to ensuring the installation is completed on time and budget, with excellent service and delivery.

GSM Services

We  are  and  trusted  in  providing  outside  planting,  civil  works  for  all  the  physical cabling  and  supporting  infrastructure  including  conduit  and  poles  for  telecom networks.

We  are  also  into  the  business  of  providing  managed  services  to  ensure  the reliability  of  operation  of  the  telecom  networks  from  the  control  room,  to  the quality RF signal.

We  hold  the  capacity  to  provide  our  reputable  service  of  telecom  equipment installation  including  installation  and  integration  for  telecom  hardware  or software for instance for base station, the Microwave, power equipment and the BSC as well as the maintenance of such thereof.

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