Conference and Call Center Solutions

Telephone Conferencing

Telephone conferencing service that connects multiple indviduals in a Telephone conversation over VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Voice Conferencing has never been easier, with most available conference bridges either unaffordably expensive or not very easy to use.

We give you affordable conferencing services designed with ease of use in mind and important features like Conferencing monitoring through a Web Interface, Calling participants to join the conference, Voice Recording and so much more, you will want to try it!

You do not have to meet physically with people in order to hold a meeting, this service can for-instance be used to hold business meetings with members located in different places, hold an urgent discussion or any other form of group conversation that would have otherwise required physical meeting. Signup to create your account now and start connecting with people immediately

Call Centre Solutions

Call Centre Solutions

call centre is a facility used by companies to manage all client contact through telephone communication.

The majority of large companies use call centres as a means of managing their customer interaction. These centres can be operated in two major ways, the first, by having an in house department responsible for the day to day communications with customers, the second to outsource customer interaction to a third party agency.

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